• Noblesse / Breeze

    Deluxe BlackEdition

    With ultra-soft and 10mm DuraDore® 3D mesh for supreme comfort. Extra comfort is also generated with the 3,5-cm extra seat length and the unique ErgoShell® seating technology.
    A head cushion, adjustable in thickness, is included in the backrest.
    The frame is made with our well-known SpaceBox® technology, using the ultralight Duralite® material and aluminium hinges.

    Folding dimension: 109 x 65 x 13 cm; 87 x 50 x 9 cm

    Reference no.: 101-101 BL / 101-206 BL

    Space saving furniture
    Folds very flat
    DuraLite® SpaceBox Frame
    The new L- shaped structure offers the best possible function for small folding dimensions. It is ultra light and unbelievable strong.
    Duraprotect Armrest
    The new ergonomically designed armrest made of “Duraprotect” fibres is reinforced with a magnesium alloy slide protector. It offers an easy change of seating positions and a long lasting durability.
    Duralite folding gear
    The folding gear is made of a light material. It guaranties an easy folding and unfolding process and offers a maximum of stability.